Our Story

Creating a chain of love and respect with inspiring scented experiences

During the past years, I’ve studied a way to create safe fragrances rich in naturals but still sophisticated. I was tired of natural fragrances with no charm and artificial fragrances that I didn’t even know what they were made of.
Scents have been in my rituals to get balanced for a long time. The aromachology has proved how powerful scents can be for the mind. However, I hadn’t found a brand that inspired me, that truly cared about people’s well-being, and had an inspiring message to share while contributing to the world’s evolution.

Clean doesn’t have to be ordinary

It was during the development of cosmetics that I discovered a new passion: perfume design. I realized that the soul of the products was the fragrance. Mainly through the fragrance, I would be able to promote people’s well-being. So, I specialized in fragrance design in England.
During my journey, I discovered the clean beauty movement. However, I noticed a lack of charm and soul among the clean beauty brands, which inspired me to make what Adhory Scents is today. Because a balanced life doesn’t have to be ordinary.
We can be clean and still have fabulous experiences.
Creating perfume is definitely an art. Being able to translate emotions into aromatic notes requires a lot of sensitivity, creativity, and dedication.
Perfumes can be considered by many as superfluous, unnecessary, a luxury only. However, going deeper to understand why we love perfumes so much, I realized that we do not wear perfume only to smell great or because we think it will make us more attractive. We wear it because the smell makes us feel good and communicate how we are feeling.

When we feel good we create a chain of love and respect

When I create a perfume, it is always thinking of the good feelings of a moment. Designing a perfume is all about the message of feeling good. When we feel good, we are happier and kinder to others who also feel good, creating a chain of love and respect. This is how we spread love throughout the world with scents.
We are all here to do our part for a better world. I chose to make people feel good and inspired by scents.
I invite you to join me in this mission of turning the world a little bit better through scents.
Beautiful souls inspire.
Be the light.

Founder & CEO